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Creation of a modern enterprise focused on the production of cardboard and paper products, production of corrugated paper, cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard, kraft and moisture-resistant cardboard and production of eco-packaging with a wide range. Given the declining trend in the use of plastic, the demand for craft eco-packaging will only grow.
The cardboard and corrugated cardboard market in Ukraine is over 1.9 million tonnes per year ($ 1,492.6 million), of which 808 thousand tonnes ($ 633 million) are domestic products, the rest is offset by imports, which is 1.1 million tonnes ($ 859.6 million). The corrugated cardboard market is divided between industries as follows - the share of food and retail is - 60%, about 17% - logistics (packaging), 16% - pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household chemicals, 7% - others.

Area: 10.1873 ha
Ownership: Communal property
Purpose: 16.00 Reserve lands (land plots of each category of lands that are not provided for ownership or use to citizens or legal entities) Reserve lands
Cadastral number: 5122055400:01:001:0395
Drainage: Information will be provided upon request
Electrical supply: A 35 kW transmission line passes through the section
Gas supply: Information will be provided upon request
Logistics infrastructure: The plot is directly adjacent to the M15 motorway 

Economic indicators of the project


million euros
Investment volume:




Implementation period:




million euros



Advantages of the project

  • A wide range of uses, which causes a large number of potential consumers;
  • Simple and clear production technology;
  • Fast payback and high profitability;
  • Wholesale;
  • Import substitution, a large market of about $ 859.6 million.

Socio-economic effect of the project

Creation of 50 new jobs, development of the recycling industry, supply of quality products, import substitution, environmental friendliness of the business.

Cooperation mechanism

Capital investments, co-financing, assistance from Western funds

Ініціатор проєкту

  • Institution "Regional Development Agency of the Odesa region" - provides documentary, legal and technical support
  • Suvorovska territorial community

    Sources of funding


    Foreign and national investments, international funds

    Applying For Промислове виробництво крафтової еко упаковки (картон, гофрований картон)
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