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The Regional Development Agency of Odesa Oblast held the first open dialogue on the topic “Human Resources Development and New Infrastructure. How to create conditions for effective use of the opportunities of the Odessa Region ".

The event brought together representatives of the Government, government agencies, business, public figures, heads of territorial communities and representatives of innovative projects in Odessa and Kyiv in the large conference hall of the former building of the National Bank.

During the dialogue, the work of the Regional Development Agency (RDA) was presented. Today it is a new format of working with the region. We plan to build our activities to make the Odessa region innovative, sustainable, comfortable, attractive and creative.

"We have successful cases that have been implemented during the year. So one of them is a promotional campaign of the project "The Road of Wine and Taste". We traveled a lot in the region, drew attention to this area. The Agency is also one of the initiators of the application for Expo 2030 Odesa. Our team held several strategic sessions, we thought about the global locomotive and the idea that can give impetus to the development of the region. Holding the World Exhibition can be a key one for Odessa region. In working with communities, we have launched an interactive investment card, which is already more than 50 percent full, ”said Roman Hryhoryshyn, Chairman of the RDA Supervisory Board.

Participants also took part in two panel discussions on "From fablab to industrial parks - a new infrastructure for industrial development" and "Human Resources Development in the region". 

Activity and special attention to industrial parks appeared only this year. Ivan Lukerya, Deputy Minister of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine, is convinced that this area will soon become an effective tool for attracting foreign investment.  

 "We managed to agree on a law that has somewhat simplified and improved the creation of conditions for such projects. In particular, in the area of ​​loan compensation and basic support. The next bills are expected to be adopted, which provide a number of fiscal incentives for investors. Namely, exemption from VAT and import duties on the import of new equipment and payment of land tax, etc., "said Ivan Lukerya.

Oleksiy Shlapakov, head of the procurement department of the TIS group of companies, noted that now we need to start competing for our own domestic market. One and a half to two years ago, the cost of shipping a container from China was about three thousand dollars. Today this cost is about 15 thousand, and the time in production, according to some positions, reaches tens of weeks. 

"Many manufacturers are considering moving from Southeast Asia to other sites. In particular, many productions have grown in Mexico and Poland. And this is a chance for Ukraine. For a long time this gate, this elevator will not be open. And it is the development of industrial parks that can provide an opportunity to produce here in Ukraine. Taking advantage of our close geographical position to Eastern Europe, we can become a country for production and transit to the European Union, "said Alexei Shlapakov.  

The head of Innovation Kitchen Mikhail Bagan added that one of the main conditions for the creation and development of industrial parks should be innovation. They help companies not just grow in the international market, but go beyond competition. 

"Additive technologies are what are the basis of the next industrial revolution. In fact, we are talking about 3D printing, when we can not deliver consumer goods from the manufacturer, but print on the spot, "said Mykhailo Bagan. 

People - as a key resource for the development of anything - is the main message of the panel discussion on "Human Development in the region". The speakers discussed the problems of labor migration, in particular among young people, possible ways to attract and preserve the intellectual elite in the region, issues of cultural tourism and the global reputation of Odessa. 

Vadym Dashut, head of D-group, one of the initiators of the World Expo 2030 in Odessa, believes that this project is an image and an umbrella that can make business, the state and society move much faster.

"The struggle for the possibility of holding the Expo in Odessa, which will last for the next two years, is a huge mechanism that can finally launch changes in the city and the country. For the Odessa region, it is attracting investments, financing infrastructure and social projects and creating a platform for the entire creative cluster, "said Vadym Dashut. 

Anastasia Pilyavska, a professor of anthropology and political philosophy at King’s College London, believes that cultural tourism can and should be built on the basis of Odessa’s reputation.

"Today we are talking about how to develop visits to Odessa by cultured, educated people from Europe and the United States, how to build a cultural, humanitarian renaissance on this basis. King’s College London plans to organize a summer school in 2022 in Odessa. 50 postgraduate students will come here to study and get acquainted with the city and its culture, "said Anastasia Pilyavska.

During the event, the Regional Development Agency of Odessa region signed memoranda of cooperation with the Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Diya.Biznes Odessa.