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Region figures


Odesa region has shown significant economic development in recent years. This is evidenced by an indicator that integrates all the results of economic development of the region - the indicator of gross regional product (GRP). According to this indicator, the region is among the leading regions. Over the last 5 years, compared to 2015, GRP has more than doubled and in actual prices amounted to UAH 197.2 billion.

Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region

Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region

The population of the Odesa region is more than 2.37 million people. The volume of consumer spending in the region in 2019 amounted to UAH 243.9 billion. According to this indicator, the Odesa region ranks 5th among the regions of Ukraine.

Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region

The main points

Investment activity

The Odesa region is one of the most promising regions of Ukraine, with high potential for the development of most branches of industry and a high level of labor training.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine as of  September 30, 2021 the total amount of foreign direct investment in the economy  Odesa region since the beginning of the investment amounted to 1906.3 million US dollars, which is 5.0% or 90.4 million US dollars more than on 31.12.2020.   

In the structure of foreign direct investment, equity instruments amounted to USD 1,210.5 million  , which is 8.4% more  compared to the data on 31.12.2020.

Source: National Bank of Ukraine

The existing tourist and recreational potential and the developed network of protected areas allows to attract investment due to growing demand for various recreational and tourist activities in nature reserves, which is a key component for the establishment of tourism clusters and membership of tourism business in European interregional associations.



Increase in growth rates due to: personal income tax, corporate income tax, part of net profit of state unitary enterprises and their associations, value added tax on goods imported into Ukraine, excise tax on excisable goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine , import and export duties.

Source:  Міністерство розвитку громад та территорії України

Customs experiment - introduced in 2015, in 2018 from the state budget from the overfulfillment of customs payments received funds to the special fund of the regional budget for the reconstruction of roads of national importance in the amount of ₴ 1 054.0 million , including - from the general fund of the state budget - ₴ 1,038.5 million , from the State Road Fund - ₴ 15.5 million . In total for the period of carrying out experiment from 2015 to 2018 the regional budget for reconstruction of roads of national value received ₴ 3 772,7 million (2016 - ₴ 368,5 million , 2017 - ₴ 2 350,3 million , 2018 - ₴ 1 054,0 million).

Source:  Міністерство розвитку громад та территорії України

As a result of decentralization, the excise tax and income tax were transferred to local budgets and have been received since 2015. Over the period from 2015, the excise tax increased by ₴ 478.2 million or 92.5%
In the period from 2015, the income tax (10%) increased by ₴ 132.5 million or 2.2 times (2015 - ₴ 115.1 million, 2016 - ₴ 233.1 million, 2017 - ₴ 207.6 million).

Favourable business environment for sustainable development of medium and small enterprises

In the Odesa region, 126.2 thousand small and medium-sized businesses operate (pay taxes)

  • private entrepreneurs - 95.5 thousand
  • small enterprises - 29.8 thousand
  • medium-sized enterprises - 941

Source:  Міністерство розвитку громад та территорії України

Since 2017, the number of registered enterprises and private entrepreneurs is constantly growing.
In 2020, the absolute increase in enterprises (legal entities) and private entrepreneurs was +3241 and +4496 units respectively.

Labor market

Employed population aged 15-70 years - 991,2 thousand of people

Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region

Середня заробітна плата за 2020 рік становила 10336 грн (зростання порівняно з 2019 – 11,8%) на початок 2021 року становить 10995 грн, що менше на 1342 грн у порівнянні з всеукраїнським показником.

Among the priority areas of economic and social development of the region is the implementation of the State employment policy, the efficient use of labor, the elimination of unemployment among the working-age population.

In the Odesa region, specialists are trained annually for various industries and professions.

Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region

The scientific and technical system of the region consists of 49 scientific institutions and organizations that are engaged in scientific activities, perform research, development and are able to meet the needs of scientific, technical and innovative development of the region's economy.

The authorities of the Odesa region are systematically improving the conditions for doing business in the region and increasing its investment attractiveness, thus increasing the number of jobs created in the region.

Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region

Transport and communication complex

The transport and road complex in the region is represented by all modes of transport

Maritime complex

Sea trade ports have the appropriate infrastructure for the implementation of cargo operations for the processing of dry and bulk cargo, passenger transportation and ancillary functions: bunkering, sludge transport, specialized and support vessels.

Road transport

5 international transport corridors (road transport) pass through the territory of the Odesa region:

  • The seventh and ninth Cretan
  • TRACECA (Europe-Caucasus-Asia)
  • “Baltic Sea - Black Sea”
  • “The Black Sea Ring Highway” - is a transport corridor around the Black Sea of ​​the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).

Aviation transport

Odesa International Airport is one of the largest airports in Ukraine and is connected by air with many cities in Ukraine, the CIS, as well as Western Europe, Asia and Africa.

More than 1 million people - passenger traffic at the Odesa International Airport

 Source: Main Department of Statistics in the Odesa Region


Odesa Railway Regional Branch of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC is an important component of the single transport conveyor of southwestern Ukraine and is the most important part of the state railway transport.

It accounts for almost 20% of freight turnover,more than 16% of passenger traffic in the country.

The railway runs through six regions: Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad and Vinnytsia.

The main feature of the Odesa railway is its coastal and border position. Large sea and river ports are located in the region of the Odesa Railway. Thus, external transport and economic relations with more than 70 countries are provided.

Recreation and tourism

The Odesa region is a seaside and border Ukrainian region, located in the extreme southwest of the country. Ukraine's state borders with Romania and Moldova pass through the region.

The area of ​​the Odesa region is 33.3 thousands of square kilometres,which is 5,5 % of the territory of Ukraine. The length of the sea coastline within the region exceeds 300 km and stretches from the sea to the north, inland by 200-250 km.The region occupies the territory of the North-Western Black Sea Coast from the mouth of the Danube to the Tiligulskyi estuary.

The northern part of the region is located in the forest-steppe zone, and the southern part is located in the steppe zone. The ordinary and southern chernozems prevail in the soil cover.

The Black Sea and the healing muds of the Kuyalnytskyi estuary create an exceptionally high recreational potential of the Odesa region. Unique natural complexes, wetlands and ecosystems form a high biosphere potential of the region, which is of national and international importance.

There are about 5.4 thousandartesian wells and 212 mine wellsin the Odesa region. Within the region there are 1134 small rivers and streams, 15 freshwater and sea estuaries, 68 reservoirs, 45 lakes.
The region has more than 2.5 million hectares of agricultural land, including more than 2 million hectares of arable land, more than 80 thousand hectares of vineyards and orchards.

The Odesa region has favorable natural and climatic conditions, resort and recreational resources. There are 321 sanatoriums and health resorts in the Odesa region as of 2019,which can accommodate more than 40,000 tourists. There are 317 children's health and recreation facilities, 208 accommodation establishments, 396 food establishments and 341 resort establishmentsthat can receive tourists. There are 46 tourist routes in the region.