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At the second meeting of the Board of Investors of Odessa region presented the project Expo 2030 Odesa. During the event entrepreneurs, which is about 40 of the largest investors in the region, including: winemakers, stevedores, farmers, representatives of the banking sector and others, expressed readiness to support holding the World Exhibition in Odessa. 

The big business of the city can join the project in various formats, not only financial. Currently, geopolitical issues and lobbying of Odessa's interests at all possible levels are very important. This is also a task for local entrepreneurs. 

Chairman of the Board Vostok Bank Vadym Morokhovsky noted that the company is ready to make them contribution in the amount of UAH 500,000 for the first stages of the Expo 2030 Odesa project. He called on Odessa businessmen to join the initiatives to help hold the exhibition and help disseminate information to their international partner companies. 

"This is a good opportunity to unite, because Ukraine has never claimed a more significant event before. This event is equal to the Olympics. In 6 months we will become the center of the world, as today - Dubai. It is very important that the people of Odessa understand this, what a chance it gives us, what profits and what money can come to our city to develop it. If we win, the participating countries will make very large investments. Odessa will receive huge investments that it has never received. Including, this is a huge flow of tourists. This is a chance we should take. " - Morokhovsky emphasized.

One of the main requirements there is a location for the Expo - at least 150 hectares of free territory within the city to accommodate the participants of the event.

Yes, the world exhibition in 2030 in case of victory of Ukraine is proposed to be held on the territory of Odessa filtration fieldslocated in the Suvorov district near the Hadzhibeysky estuary (area - about 1000 hectares). And this is one of the advantages of Odessa, because there are not many places in Europe where there are large undeveloped territories within the city.

Recently Grygoryshyn Roman, Secretary of the Investors Council, Director of the Department of Investment and Foreign Economic Activity and Tourism of the Odessa Regional State Administration, returned from Dubai, where was at the World Expo 2020.   

"Whatever I say now, not to present at the Investment Council, it remains to be seen. This event is the largest multinational event in the world. This is an incredible economic leap. In just one month, the exhibition in Dubai was visited by 2.5 million people. Admission for one exhibition day costs $ 100. The event itself will cost at least another $ 200. Also, these people will live in our hotels, travel with our taxi drivers, buy goods at Privoz, go to our restaurants - this is an economic shaft that can fill the meaning of the revival of Odessa, " - Roman Grigorishin tells.

After the event will remain in Odessa not only developed infrastructure, new social facilities and modern architecture, but also an innovative technological town in the fields of filtration, which will house Ukraine's largest technology park, data centers, state-of-the-art laboratories, research centers, etc.

In preparation before the Expo 2030 in Odessa already lost about 10 million UAH, including the registration fee for participation in the competition in the amount of 105,600 euros. This includes the work of monitoring missions, dossier development, consultations, pr-strategy, etc. But there is still a lot of work ahead. It is now funded by the D-group initiative group.    

The winner will be determined in the summer of 2023 at the General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau in Paris. It consists of 169 countries that will choose the country that will host Expo-2030 by secret ballot. To win, you need to get an absolute majority - at least 85 votes.

Summary of the Board of Investors of Odessa region on the discussion of Expo 2030 Odesa 

During the meeting Anastas Kokkin, General Director of Odessa Container Terminal, touched upon issues of promotion, PR, branding and search own "chip" of Odessa, as a candidate for the World Expo 2030. In turn, George Trypulsky, co-chair of the Investors' Council, addressed the meeting attract your own PR people and marketers to help develop a pr-strategy and promote the city in the selection. 

Oleksandr Slavskyi, Chairman of the State Property Fund of Odesa and Mykolaiv Oblasts, made a proposal place logos or other POS materials on the facades of state-owned facilities and government agencies to promote and promote Expo 2030 Odesa.  

"Currently, there are more than 42,000 state-owned objects in the Odessa region, but this includes objects in the region, the existence of which should be checked. We have about 1.5 thousand objects for rent and about 50 in privatization in the Odessa region as well. This is a fairly simple and fast tool for advertising this large-scale event. We need guidelines from the regional administration and within a few months materials on Expo 2030 Odesa can be posted anywhere. We will be happy to do it. " - said Alexander Slavsky.

According to Alexander Vernik, Odesa "ДИЯ" team will also work on the implementation of part of the strategy within the project Expo 2030 Odesa.

"We have a real chance to win. But if we don't win the opportunity to hold the Expo in Odessa, then in the next two years we will have super recognition, we will be able to attract world attention, and I think we just need to do it. " - added Alexander Vernik.

Stages of implementation of the project Expo 2030 Odesa 

Work is currently underway to create one National Organizing Committee, which is traditionally headed by the first persons of the state. At the local government level, it is workgroup, which will prepare the venue of the Expo. It should also include representatives of the Odessa business community. 

It will take place on December 14 in Paris presentation of all five candidate countries, which will also be attended by delegates from 169 countries - members of the Expo. Each country will have 20 minutes to present their application.

In May 2022, Ukraine has submit a dossier, which will reveal 12 main positions feasibility study, marketing and communication, transport, economic, infrastructure and environmental strategy. After that, monitoring missions will come to Odessa every two months. Their task is to evaluate the preparation of the country and the city for the competition and the right to hold an exhibition.

Ukraine's chances of winning the right to host Expo 2030 in Odessa 

Our competitors are Rome (Italy), Busan (South Korea), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Moscow (Russia). 

According to BIE rules, World Exhibitions are held in the same country no more than once every 15 years. The Bureau is also trying to hold this event on different continents of the world. So, in 2025 Japan will host the exhibition, respectively, in 2030 in neighboring South Korea has little chance. In Milan (Italy), the Expo was held in 2015. According to the regulations, in 15 years the country can host it again, but in practice this did not happen. Expo 2020 is currently underway in the Emirates, so it is unlikely to take place in neighboring Saudi Arabia.